News from The Highlands at Gunston

Trash & Recycle Company Rules

The Highlands would like to remind everyone that CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS are NOT ALLOWED to be put at the trash locations. Doing so make the property to look bad and cost the community additional money.

All construction debris are HOMEOWNER/TENAN responsibility. Construction debris includes sink, cabinets,bathtubs, drywalls, carpet, fencing, wood and HVAC equipment.Violators will be charge the trash removal fee plus administrative fees.

You CAN place furniture, mattress and boxes out for pickup, these items are included in our services. Please move those items SUNDAY NIGHT ONLY.

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!! HOA approved adding an extra day of regular trash pick up. Trash pick up days now are Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Noise Ordinance Rules 

After Feb. 17 a new Noise Law was created to set maximum decibel levels for residential, mixed use, commercial and industrial areas. Visit Fairfax County page for more information.

Board Members 

President: Janet Davis 

Vice-President: Natalie Martinez

Treasurer/Secretary: Vacant

Member-at-Large: Vacant

Upcoming Community Events

Pool Season is CLOSE for the season stay in connected.

Houses Sold/Sale 

We have had several houses in the neighborhood sale in the last six months. If you are looking to sell your house please reference the following sales:

9784 - $186,500 / 9782- $235,000 / 9722- $175,000

We don't have any houses on the market right now.